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May 14, 2011
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"Bubbles" by RizCifra "Bubbles" by RizCifra
One more quick gap sketch and I'll start back up with uploading commissions. :iconvielwerth: suggested drawing Derpy Hooves in my suggestions journal: [link]

If you haven't read "Bubbles," I recommend you do that first, otherwise you won't understand where this came from XD : [link]

I'm warning you, though, it's saaaaaaaaaaad. This doesn't happen in the story and probably doesn't fit in well, but I needed to draw something kind of happy because I've been a little stressed out, haha.

I don't really read fan fiction, so I don't know what possessed me to do so this time. Even though it's not how I imagined Derpy, this one really ripped my heart out. But I'm also kind of a wimp sometimes, haha.

I couldn't really get it out of my mind while working on the point commissions today, so I decided to sketch something out really quick to make myself feel better. It's Derpy's first encounter with Raindrops! Raindrops sees Derpy playing with bubbles and comes over and they both play together XD Then they trot off to go drop things on some other filly. Haha! It was super quick, so there's a lot of flaws and it certainly didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but, WHOO! I'm glad to have that out of my system :lol:

Yeah, Derpy ended up really dark by accident and she doesn't look as "derpy" as I thought she'd be >< Sorry. And LOL! It looks like Raindrops popped out of the bubble XD Whoops... Maybe that's how Derpy remembers their meeting ^^;
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DallasBlack Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
The adorableness of this has overwhelmed me. I have nothing more to say.
LTblackcoat Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Cute and well made.
WaylonArt Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
Oh my i never new about the alternative ending! It turns the sad ending into a warm fuzzy one! >u<
SnapCentino Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The mother character from that story is the only character I will never, ever forgive.

I love your art so much, it's just so beautiful.
Ichigo3924 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
I am vaguely reminded of the bubbles thing in Digimon Adventure 2.......
RockinT765 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I read Bubbles and I don't really understand. Derpy's sick, so they have to take her to the hospital. Her mom is rude, but she loves her enough to know to be kind during this time in her life. Then, she just leaves Derpy far away without telling the father? The plot is confusing.
AkiraDragonborne Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Warning: Personal opinions, viewpoints, and observations ahead.
Constructive criticism and/or corrections are welcome but you have been warned. 

 Derpy's mother may have developed a kind of insanity that can result when a parent's vision of their future turns out differently than they envisioned or considered when they first decide to marry their significant other. During the early parts of most relationships the people spend a lot of time doing things together, being available if there's confusion or problems, seeing and having friends over for socializing, and both people could be pursuing their own jobs/dreams. But things change when a child is born, especially when the child needs special considerations. Suddenly a parent may need to be with the child most of the day and the other has to pickup the slack income-wise by taking more time or another job, possibly coming home too exhausted to do much of anything except rest and get sleep for the next day. Either way, the parents suddenly have a lot less time  to be together, the one working isn't available to help with issues as much, and the one staying home may have had to give up pursuing a dream/job. In the case of Derpy's parents it seems like this may be the scenario. Derpy's father is away at work most of the day and her mother is home taking care of her.

  Bubbles is written from Derpy's point of view so it's structure is simple but much can be gleaned from it. First, Derpy is a bit slower, mentally, than most ponies as shown by her one school experience. She gets excited and wants to talk because others are talking but then has trouble not talking when the class begins. She wets herself and is inconsolable enough to possibly be sent home. I am guessing that she was old enough (age-wise) for the class, but mentally she wasn't developed enough yet. This means that her mother was likely hit with the disappointment of her daughter requiring more of her time that she hoped to have for herself while her daughter was in school. With very little sense of time between events in the story (likely a reflection of her 'young mind') I don't know if enough time had past for her mother to have attempted to seek out a special needs school or not.

  Secondly, Derpy is also slower in the physical development department; likely due to both her eye condition and her mental state. As she said in the story she didn't move so well and she didn't always see so well. Her eyes going crossed and uncrossed would have played havoc with her sense of spatial awareness and equilibrium in her early development when most fillies and colts learn such things; and that no doubt slowed her ability to learn to fly (gotta walk before you can run, gotta run before you can fly). This would lead to her knocking things over, dropping things, crashing into things, or falling down more than the average pony. For a mother this could lead to an extreme case of worry that the child couldn't be left alone for even a second because they could end up seriously injured.

  Now both Derpy and her parents are Pegasus Ponies in Bubbles: Pegasi are winged ponies whose magical nature allows them to interact with clouds (move, shape, buck apart, and more). Their nature causes clouds to become solid enough to support their weight without the cloud plummeting to the ground. If a Pegasus gets up to enough speed in flight, however, their bodies will bust right through the cloud instead of being stopped by it. Pegasi tend to live in homes made of clouds and their greatest city is Cloudsdale, a metropolis made of clouds. Now Pegasi babies have the same nature as their parents but lack the ability to fly very high, so they would be almost safe in a cloud house, but there's still a very real danger of a Pegasus baby falling to their death if they are able to 'pick' a hole in the floor of their cloud home. And large as it is, Cloudsdale is not a single massive cloud so the possibility still exists. Because of that it makes sense to me that Pegasi would live in homes on the ground for the years before their children could fly.

  With everything above this is my best guess at what happened and why Derpy's mother tried to both poison her and abandoned her. And I reiterate, it's a best guess.

  Derpy's parents met and fell in love possibly while living in Cloudsdale. They decided to get married and dreamed of having a happy, loving life with children. In the early time of their marriage Derpy's mother had her husband, friends, and possibly was following a dream of hers or had her own job. She enjoyed her life until after Derpy was born. Derpy's mother may have been expecting healthy children but, through no one's fault, Derpy was born with those eyes and mental state. At first, the eyes were the only noticeable difference between Derpy and other ponies and her mother enjoyed her time caring for her daughter. She decided to become a full time mother when Derpy was born and Derpy's father decided to take on extra hours as a Mailpony to try to make up any difference in income needed to raise their daughter.

  As time passed Derpy began to show signs of both her stunted development due to her eyes and her slower learning. While not retarded in any sense of the word Derpy was becoming very accident prone and it likely was a cause of a large amount of stress in her mother. Things like trying to make muffins and spilling the flour went from being told not to touch the flour bags to 'go somewhere else and play', and if mother didn't keep her eye on her daughter for a little time Derpy might just end up crying out in pain from walking/running into something, having something fall near or on her, or suddenly losing her balance and falling down when her eyes switched from being either crossed or uncrossed (until she got used to it); possibly her mother was still trying to cleaning up her last disasters. Then Derpy is finally old enough to start school, her mother has been hoping for some time to relax after all of Derpy's messes when she was younger. She doesn't have as much trouble as she used to but she still has the occasional disaster and her mother is looking forward to having some time for herself. Then the school calls, Derpy is crying and won't stop...simple enough, she's still young and it'll take a bit of time for her to get used to going to school. But it soon becomes apparent that Derpy isn't quite mentally mature enough to handle school and she's once again at home.

  Derpy's mother may have been reminiscing for a while now about how she and her husband's life had been before Derpy. All the time together, the friends they visited or had over, maybe a dream or job she had or was planning to pursue; it all changed when Derpy was born. Now her husband is away most of the day and he comes home too exhausted to do much of anything. It's not his fault, she had to stay at home with their daughter while she was growing which left him to earn the bits. She still had to stay at home until Derpy was able to handle school (for whatever reason they were unable to or didn't get her into a special needs school or class). She wanted to go see her friends back wherever they'd lived before, but she couldn't leave Derpy for that long and it wouldn't be fair to ask her husband, he has to work. They couldn't even go out with their daughter because she started crying in large crowds (during a trip to a farm).

  The stress from giving up so much time of hers: time with her husband, time with friends, time pursuing her own job/dream, and time for herself all to care for her daughter begins to become a resentment towards her daughter. "If she wasn't in our lives I could get a job and he'd not have to work so hard, we could be together like it was before. If she wasn't here we could move back to the sky and see our friends... if she wasn't here..." That's the root of it all, it's no excuse for trying to kill and abandon their child but that's the reasoning some people tend to use to justify their own actions in real life. The truth of the matter may be that they just weren't ready to be a parent, they weren't really ready to make the sacrifices necessary to raise a child, or they just had a vision of the happy family life that didn't come true and they were unable to truly accept. In any case the stress they feel becomes a resentment and then an insanity. All they can think is to get things back the way they were before the child came, surely if the child dies or disappears they can get back to what they had before. They don't truly take into account the devastation the loss of the child will be.

  In the end I'm glad that Raindrops and Cloudbubbles was written, it gives me a great sense of relief and completes the story. Like her father says, "Mommy has made her choice and so have I."Family Glomp Request And maybe later on so did Raindrop's mom. Happy Family Emote
RockinT765 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I didn't really understand that, but I wasn't thinking like it was the real world. I was just living in pony land where mothers love their children and would do anything for them. I have yet to read Raindrops and Cloudbubbles. I'm guessing that the artwork was related to Raindrops. I don't know if I want to read them, simply because I like the sad ending.
Jordan179 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
Most mothers do  -- but we know from the show that Ponies are capable of evil or madness.  Just because they tend to be a nicer species than us doesn't make them perfect.
AkiraDragonborne Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
It's not "Raindrops" and "Cloudbubbles" (two titles), it's "Raindrops and Cloudbubbles" (one title). And it doesn't change the ending of this story, rather it proceeds forward after the end of "Bubbles". The scene in the picture above is a scene that you would see in the "Raindrops and Cloudbubbles" story.
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