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August 20, 2011
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Stream - Great and Powerful... by RizCifra Stream - Great and Powerful... by RizCifra
Note: The next two or three submissions are not new. They are a few months old and are from two streams I did.

ETA: HOLY -- Someone just linked me to this video someone did on YouTube using this strip: [link]

I just realized that I haven't submitted any drawings in awhile. Actually, I haven't been able to draw any things since the last upload. But I found this recently and thought I would submit it.

I originally never intended to upload this because it was from a goofy stream I did at my friend's house. When I was hanging out at his place, he let me do a little impromptu stream for kicks with some friends. I've had a few of my friends ask me to show them how I draw and colour on the computer (although I have no earthly idea why), and since they were online and my friend and I weren't doing anything, we did this! What was supposed to be a half-hour demonstration on simple sketching, colouring and adding texture turned into a few of hours of online stupidity. I'm not good at demonstrating things, though. This image was originally just supposed to be just the one in the last panel, but I needed to add in some more examples, so I kept adding more images in reverse order. Sooo, the whole thing is confusing because clearly there was not much thought put into it. Just think of this more as a compilation of random doodles rather than a comic, if you will. The other drawing from this particular stream is even dumber than this one, but I'll upload that later since I don't have that one yet.

Anyway, I thought I closed Photoshop when I signed out of the stream, but somehow, my friend managed to save me a flattened copy of this image (which means I can't change anything, AUGH! Oh eff me, I just noticed something I forgot to draw and I'm facepalming over it, haha! Does anyone want to do me a HUGE favour and try to edit something in the last panel?). I thought that was funny since he doesn't watch ponies (Closet brony? Oh, he'll never hear the end of this). He e-mailed it to me yesterday, and I thought I'd share it for no reason other than I have absolutely nothing better to do or upload.

I did originally want to keep her hat for the last panel, but I couldn't think of any way of making it more bad-ass than it already was and wanted to at least try to give her a helmet of some sort. No dialogue because I'm horrible with it and because at the time, I couldn't be the least bit serious during while drawing and if I tried to add words in, there would be endless random babbling in hideous fonts and/or handwriting. There was too much laughing going on, heh.

Next time I head back to my friend's, I'll be sure to bring my hard drive so I can work on the things I need to. I would've done so, but I wasn't sure if he'd let me save things on there and I have most of the things on my list already started and saved on my external.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

ETA 2 - I don't think Trixie is an evil pony, nor do I think she is stupid because of this comic's outcome (Again, it started a lot more light-hearted. The last panel was supposed to be the only one and was just supposed to be a NMM-ish Trixie). I think she loves putting on a show, but that she also has many insecurities that lie beneath. I believe that the entity you see is just trying to feed on that. Trixie is obviously still vulnerable after just being humiliated, which makes her an easy target and far less of a problem in terms of a power struggle as a new host. It's easier to manipulate people when they're in states like that, and Trixie is no exception. And she seems to be questioning the motives of this strange force, but being a little off her game at this moment, she's just easy prey. Oh, the things that lurk within the Everfree Forest. (Of course, this whole thing will probably be put to moot once the new season airs...)

Smoky textures at the end from CG Textures. Brushes are default round in Photoshop.
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1:So, is she possessed by the Dark force, or is she still in control just corrupted?

2:What would you call her?

3:What exactly is the Dark force?

If you don't mind me asking.

1127779 Oct 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love it!
well, went to watch that vid and the account id gone....pity. still, beautiful art.
THAT WAS MAGNIFICENTLY AWESOME! All that dark smokey texture was just a beauty!
As of Issue 6 of the IDW comic, every concept in your little illustration is 100% canon (but with another pony... not gonna spoil which one)
SunsetCat Jan 14, 2013  Student Filmographer
This is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Every single thing about it! You are extremely talented, you really are. I love Trixie's face in the second panel. c:
Cool. Nice.
firefanatic Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Video was removed because of copyright :(
Epic, what happens next?
After being upstaged by twilight sparkle for quelling the ersa minor, proving to ponyvile that her claims of vanquishing an ersa major were nothing but lies, Trixie lays in the everfree forest. Outmatched and discredited, Brocken and abandoned, Trixie cries. Just then trixie heard a voice.
Nightmare: why are you so sad, my little pony?
Trixie: (startled by the appearance of the apperition, until) I'm the great and powerful Trixie, and I am not sad!
Nitmare: oh but you are. (vanish)
Nightmare: (reappers behind trixie) you came to those engreets only with the intention of giving them something marvelous, but they just wouldn't except your greatness.
Trixie: (backing away) I showed those ponies the greatest magic ever seen in Equestria! I bested any that tried to challeng me!
Nightmare: that's what they let you to believe (vanish)
Nightmare: (appearing behind Trixie again) they wanted you to feel as thou you were wining, so that when they revealed their plans you would fall farther and look more like a fool.
Nightmare shows trixie an image of twilight and her friends
Nightmare: they all plotted against you because they couldn't exept anypony being greater then them. They set you up as a fool, a liar, And a coward. They never once tried to oppretiat your gifts, they just wanted to see you humiliated.
Trixie let nightmares words sink in, and believe that Twilight simply hated her.
Nightmare: within the darkness around trixie) they didn't appretiat you, but I know what it's like not to be appreciated and I except you for all that you are. I know your pain, for it has been my pain for far to long. Alone nether of us could stand against their wicked deseat, but together... They can never stop us. Won't you join me in making sure those heartless monsters never hurt us again?
Trixie was engulfed in the darkness until she opened her new eyes
Trixie: yes!
Nightmare: (in trixie's mind) then from hence forth, we shall be known as "Nightmare-Trixie"!
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