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I'm not sure why people visit this page, but I thought I'd put that little bit of traffic to use for people who really deserve it! Here's where I will be featuring some artists and their work for everyone to check out! =) I will be updating this list every couple of months, so check back for new people. Remember, these galleries have so much more art than the pieces shown. Please show some love and check out these amazing galleries!

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:iconmereneth: - Wilting Posies
Wilting Posies
Sunburst lingered in a dusty, long unused room of his home, revisiting memories from nearly twenty years before. His golden-yellow coat and red mane caught the light of the setting sun and bathed the wall to his left in yellow and pink. Against the same wall was a dresser, on top of which sat several framed pictures of a mare whose coat and mane colors mirrored those shining on the wall.
The scenes in the pictures varied. One was of the mare stretching her pastel yellow wings and looking on the viewer with a smile. Another as she ran a brush through her pink mane, one eye focused towards the camera and a pleased smile on her face. She was clearly very pregnant and was practically radiating love. At a glance one could tell it had been taken in the same room, a brush next to the frame with several long strands of pink hair further proof; it was the same brush from the picture. Several other photos were clustered with the rest, all of the same mare. There was not a single p
I'll be there for you, Rainbowdash - WIP"You're blind now, Rainbowdash. I know it hurts to be told you shouldn't fly, but what about how the rest of us would feel if you hurt yourself trying to? Please, stay on the ground...where you're safe."
Scootaloo nuzzled her friend and mentor's cheek; the pain of having to keep Rainbowdash from flying evident on her face and the tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. She knew Dash's wings were still as strong as ever, though she feared seeing her hurt again.
It was her fault Rainbowdash had been blinded; she'd begged and pleaded for her to help teach her to fly faster. The day had come when she finally gave in and agreed, though the weather had been ill suited for any flight. The Pegasus ponies had warned everypony to stay indoors as there would be hail. Scootaloo had only seen it as an opportunity to practice, to get more agile and be more like her idol; she never considered the danger such a storm actually represented to herself or Rainbowdash.
The lesson had started out smooth

:iconneatomixie: - Beautiful in her way by NeatOMixie Wake up to you by NeatOMixie

:iconparadigm-zero: - Loopty Hoopin' Time Paradox by Paradigm-Zero [Sketch] Roninfang by Paradigm-Zero

:iconbrassmonki1: - a wild DirkJake appears! by brassmonki1 Babbu Tavros by brassmonki1

:iconspartkle: - Will You Be My Special Somepony? by Spartkle Huggles~? :3 by Spartkle

:iconladymiittens: - AT-Queen Marceline by LadyMiittens Little Rainbow Dash by LadyMiittens

:iconsludge888: - Luna The Epic by Sludge888 Roar of the Manticore: Part 1
Same practice session, new day. Soarin's favorite trick to perform gave him the same slight rush from nose diving towards the ground, just to pull back and rise towards the bright sky, which was something he had mastered. He saw the same accomplished smiles from the other Wonderbolts members after another successful day of training and practicing. Soarin' liked continuity and predictability in his life, even as a daredevil flier on the most famous flying squad in Equestria. He liked being so sure of himself that he could do a maneuver with his eyes closed and not miss a beat; he enjoyed that family atmosphere he received from the Wonderbolts every day they met.
So why, when life seemed so perfect, did he find himself so down all the time? It's simple: love problems. That's what. It had been a month since his relationship with Rainbow Dash ended; and it hadn't been the only time he had broken up with right as he fell for the mare, either.  A year ago he had a relationsh

:iconpnfink: - Angry Princess Portrait by PnFink Happy Dashie is Happy by PnFink

:iconsutetchi: - Rainbow Dash by Sutetchi Smile Smile Smile . . . . by Sutetchi

:iconlttleghost: - Bright-hearted by LttleGhost Side Glance by LttleGhost

:iconradoxeald: - Mother's Wish
– Ponies with Tristania

[Click here for the accompanying song]
Mother's Wish
With you
No words can hurt me
You are my light
My sole candle
For your smile is all I need to
Carry you wherever
Even with
Distorted view…
In my life I have faced it all
Carried burdens, endured hardships
Remained strong, held the tears inside
Never let you end up the same path
Your smile
It's all I wanted
It shines through
Distorted view…
I couldn't answer what went wrong
Nor do I want to hold you down, nevermore:
To help you shine brightest of all
I'd gladly give away my wings
I've tried my hardest to be the mother you'd deserve
my muffin
Try understand, I only wish for your happiness
my daughter…
"Please mom, don't cry, I don't blame you
No child could ask for kinder mom, warmer home.
Even if world turns against us
I'll always love you, kindest of all mothers."
The Nightmare Epic, pt. I - The Mare in the Moon
- Ponies with Turisas

[Click here for the accompanying song]
Of the Mare in the Moon

Long time ago, at the ancient world
Were the sisters of Sun and Moon
Younger one guarded the bless of the night
While the Elder held Sun on its path
But as the days fell to the evenings
The ponies, they fell asleep
No pony gave attention for night
For the beauty of Moon or Stars
Princess of the Night
Set gaze to the lands below Stars
Not for calm nor the peace
But ignorance of those asleep
To her sister the Younger one spoke
Called out her grudge and despair
Elder with empathy tried to comfort:
"Patience, you are respected."
But younger one, frustration within her
Couldn't see what sister had meant
Alone, while wept in bitterness
Darkness lurked into her heart
Princess of the Night
Set gaze to the lands below Stars
Not for calm nor the peace
But ignorance of those asleep



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Hi, I'm Riz (pronounced Reeeeeeeeeeeeese... sort of). I'm mostly boring and unimpressive. I like music, food, traveling, video games, comic books, sports (especially football), and sleeping. Oh, and PONIES.

This and my Tumblr are the only galleries I use. They both mainly consist of pony drawings, so you might not want to watch this account if you are expecting other things =)


Note regarding art usage:

If you'd like to use any of the fan art I have uploaded in this gallery, please feel free! I upload to this gallery to share with anyone who is also a fan of MLP: FiM, so long as it's not for anything inappropriate or illegal. If the drawing was commissioned by an individual, however, I request that you ask that person for permission before using =) His/her username should be listed in the image description.


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