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Thank you all for the birthday wishes, everyone!  I didn't think anyone still frequented this page.

My apologies for not being very active here.  My laptop is on the fritz, so I've only been using my phone lately.  I know I have a lot of unfinished and owed projects to complete, but between work and not having a reliable computer, I can only work on simple, static digital sketches and traditional drawings.

But my friends and I are working on trying something new, and hopefully this will lead to resources to finish everything old!

Gratitude for all your support, everyone!  Not sure what brought you here or why some of you are still here, but I'm incredibly grateful!

[EDIT]  Sorry, the app doesn't notify me of notes and certain messages.  Also, I've discovered it doesn't let me edit my journals unless I open up a mobile browser!  Joy!

If anyone is interested, my Tumblr might see a little more activity than here.  I'd much rather save my dA for actual finished things.
Not sure anyone would care, but which unfinished submission of mine, if any, would you rather see finished?
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Holiday Ponies 8 of 8 by RizCifra
Holiday Ponies 8 of 8
Here's the last one, three years late.  I'll let the description I put on Tumblr explain:

I was backing up files on my external hard drive because my laptop is giving me issues again, and I happened upon this!  So, here you go, Anon!  Hopefully you can still print these out, as I’m probably late in responding and getting this to you.

Actually, it’s three years late, but I guess I should finally upload it.  If you recall, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon weren’t in that sketch I uploaded before, but at the time I uploaded that, I didn’t have the more recent files available.  Anyway, like I said before, it’s a pet… adoption… drive… thing.  I don’t know if these two are there to look at pets or to help Fluttershy, but I thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt to show a different side to them.  I’m the kind of sucker who believes everyone has a softer side to them, even if it’s not always apparent.

Anyways, Happy Holidays, everyone!  I know I haven’t be active online in general.  Just a lot of real life stuff going on.  But I appreciate all the follows, likes, and reblogs!  I can’t express my gratitude enough for your support! 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and if I don’t check in before then, an amazing start to the new year!


United States

Q: What programs do you use?

A: I mainly use Photoshop and sometimes PaintTool Sai. The main program I use for animations and colouring is Photoshop, though.

Not sure anyone would care, but which unfinished submission of mine, if any, would you rather see finished? 

56 deviants said This one:…
39 deviants said This one:…
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Random Notes...

[Commissions] Soon!

[Trades] Only with friends =]

[Requests] Sorry, but I don't usually take on requests. I do listen to suggestions, though! Check this journal for info:…

Hi, I'm Riz (pronounced Reeeeeeeeeeeeese... sort of). I'm mostly boring and unimpressive. I like music, food, traveling, video games, comic books, sports (especially football), and sleeping. Oh, and PONIES.

This and my Tumblr are the only galleries I use. They both mainly consist of pony drawings, so you might not want to watch this account if you are expecting other things =)


Note regarding art usage:

If you'd like to use any of the fan art I have uploaded in this gallery, please feel free! I upload to this gallery to share with anyone who is also a fan of MLP: FiM, so long as it's not for anything inappropriate or illegal. If the drawing was commissioned by an individual, however, I request that you ask that person for permission before using =) His/her username should be listed in the image description.


RizCifra has started a donation pool!
1,157 / 123,456,789
Aww, I'm a bit sad that the old goal got deleted when I took this down. =C

Ignore that outrageous goal, haha. I'm not that greedy. I'm just raising points so I can buy subscriptions or other dA things for other artists, and to use for kiriban prizes =)

I appreciate any donations, but only if you can afford it! I already feel kind of bad putting this up ^^;

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